A business management service for outdoor professionals

Spend more time with your clients - on the mountain, in the ocean or wherever your adventure takes you

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How it works

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Become a member of the Aways community of professionals. Create an account, confirm your competence and update your profile

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Create events


Add your activities and schedule your events. Make them bookable through your own channels by a mobile friendly booking connection or an embedded widget


Get paid


Share your events and receive booking confirmations and payments on the go. Communicate with clients and meet up for your events


Why use our service

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Increase your sales

Reach your customers without a webpage - Aways provides a clean and attractive booking experience, customized with your brand and images

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Master your business

Embed a booking widget on your own webpage or link your clients to the Aways powered booking page for a professional booking experience - we will assist you for a seamless client experience

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Reach your network

Reach your clients by connecting bookable events to your instagram feed or facebook posts - let your clients book and pay for your events on the go, with a mobile friendly web page

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Market your events

Spend more time with clients and less time at the office - add events easily or receive requests on shared and promoted activities

Our Products

By using our administrative service for creating activities and scheduling events, you will get access to all our products for a enhanced and professional client experience, fully adaptable and responsive across your devices; desktop, tablet or mobile. Bookings and payments will automatically show in your personal Aways profile when logged in.

1 Integrated Widget

We provide a customised booking and payment widget for a seamless website integration. Organise your offers on your website for an easy and smooth booking experience with automated confirmations.

2 Booking Website

Direct your clients to the Aways powered booking and payment website. Integrate the link to any optional interactive button on your website, instagram, facebook, pdf-documents or other digital channels for presentation, sales and marketing.


We only charge a service fee when bookings are made. The fee is flexible and ranges from approximately 10 % on lower prices and 3% on higher prices. The service fee is automatically added to your price and shows when you are creating your event. Confirmed payments will automatically be transfered to your registered account within 3-5 working days. Currently we support payments in EUR, CHF, NOK, DKK and SEK. Please contact support@aways.se for other currencies.

About us

What we do

Aways™ is dedicated to create unique solutions for support of independent personal empowerment and long term livelihood to outdoor professionals. Our product is a business management tool aimed to simplify administration and promote sales and client relations by addressing the challenges of working in nature. It is free to use our service, however your clients will pay a small service fee to Aways when booking an event.

Who we are

Aways was founded in 2015 and is based in Stockholm, Sweden. A city with easy access to amazing outdoor experiences, primarily archipelago kayaking in the summer and ice skating in the winter. Regardless of weather and season, swedes are in general a nature loving people with plenty of outdoor experience. Surroundings which gives us inspiration to build an awesome product for our customers. Our team is highly professional, motivated and closely linked to the product and our clients of outdoor practitioners. With great passion for adventure our roots are in skiing, surfing, trekking, climbing and kayaking, just for the personal love of exploring, and as professionals.

Nikola Leijon has a curios mind which enjoys cultures, the arts and expanding networks. By turning his experiences form a long career in finance, several entrepreneurial outdoor projects and governmental administration within the creative industries to a business, he has created the foundation for the Aways platform. A concept which also gains from his insight from the outdoor industry, following multiple seasons skiing in the small french village of La Grave, teaching kite surfing as an IKO certified instructor, kayaking in familiar waters of the Stockholm archipelago and travelling by bike from Stockholm to Marrakech. He also has a diploma in Business Administration and Economics with a major in economics from the University of Stockholm.

Anton Lundborg is a food lover with great interest in technology and cooking. After finishing his master thesis within natural language processing and freelancing as a software developer, he now makes use of his knowledge in programming, security and building databases by making the Aways platform real. He enjoys all outdoor activities, especially wave surfing, and is a well known local on Swedish surf spots over the past 10 years. He is also a skilled back country skier after a deep snow season in Fernie, Canada. With a diploma in Information- and Communication Technologies with a master’s in engineering from Lund University he is taking lead of tech.

Jesper Gisslén creates magic with his exceptional eye for user experience and friendliness. With user demand interaction, new added functionality and the latest UX practices he is currently redesigning the platform for future elevation.

Hugi Ásgeirsson layed the back bone of our currently ever growing body. He early on helped us see and make the important decisions for scalability and solid performance. He is steady as a rock, and from Iceland. Yes!

Carl Svahnström is the man who can see what others don’t. We can not enough express our admiration for his talent. You tell him the sound you expect, and he will give you the design. The future is bright.

Aways products will always be in a perpetual state of innovation and improvement. Would you like to be a part of our progress and development. Please do not hesitate to contact us and tell us what you can help us out with.